Doppio Sogno
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il Tribunale Civile di Roma
(n. 359 del 30/09/05
ISSN 1828-6038
"Fractals in the artistic project of editing 5 pictures from peoples temple’s files (Courtesy of Charles Garry)"
Domenico Arturo Nesci interviews Filippo Arturo Nesci
We are presenting here 3 audiofiles from an interview by psychoanalyst Domenico A. Nesci (author of “Revisiting Jonestown – an interdisciplinary study of cults”, with a “Foreward” by Nancy McWilliams) and his artist son Filippo A. Nesci, BFA, who edited the 5 pictures in the book.

To help our Readers, we are reproducing here one of the 5 art pieces (the book cover) thanking Lexington Books for its courtesy and authorization.


(Filippo A. Nesci © 2018 book cover of Revisiting Jonestown Lexington Books © 2018)

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